Requested by @tran
  1. Seattle, Washington State
    I lived here for a total of 2 weeks but I visited 3 years ago and I wish we'd stayed Pros: the OG Starbucks, SUCH GOOD SUSHI, quirky and artsy. Cons: where's the sun @
  2. St. Petersburg, Alaska
    No memory, but it was a remote Alaskan island. You can imagine how well I'd have done there. (ages 0-2) Pros: nothing Cons: Alaska
  3. Woodbridge, Virginia (Part 1)
    Solid developmental years (ages 2-4). Pros: baller daycare, twins next door (I year older) who I fell in love with Cons: you can't appreciate the Smithsonian when you're 3, Woodbridge itself is boring. So boring.
  4. Mt. Clemens, Michigan (Selfridge AFB)
    I lived on a military base in Michigan (ages 4-7). Pros: Picture an idyllic childhood: ghost in the graveyard at night with all the neighborhood kids, trick-or-treating with 300 houses in a condensed area, block parties, and plenty of mischief for young kids to get into, all on the shores of Lake St. Clair. Cons: Dad worked in downtown Detroit, and PATRICK FUCKING HART STOLE A GRAVESTONE I FOUND
  5. Woodbridge, Virginia (Part 2)
    Same house, different experience (ages 7-9) Pros: Could finally appreciate DC Cons: First encounter with bullies, twins were gone, little Me only really enjoyed reading at the time cause it took me somewhere else
  6. Harbor Springs, Michigan
    So much good, so much bad (ages 9-12) Pros: LITERALLY THE PRETTIEST PLACE IN THE WORLD, perfect small town experience , Main Street, all mom-and-pop stores, skiing in the winter, all sorts of water and land activities in the summer, great beaches, one great friend (who was alas older) Cons: School was essentially hell, mean girls were just a constant presence, a lot of things to do but the nearest mall was 1 hour away, hella isolated
  7. Manassas, Virginia (present day)
    It's not bad here (ages 12-16) Pros: Great friends, lots to do, I commute to a school near the ~*cEnTer oF THe FReE wOrLD*~, great opportunities Cons: TRAFFIC, NOVA just has this crazy "eat or be eaten" mentality, and I don't think it ever dies, competition is big here in every aspect of your life