1. she says something that sounds like 'agua' when she wants water
    i don't know who taught her that
  2. she sometimes falls asleep with her arms straight up in the air
  3. she refuses to sit down in the tub no matter how shallow the water is
    she also poops in the bathtub almost every night
  4. she has dark hair on her back despite being blonde
  5. she is afraid of the sound of me blowing my nose
  6. she is afraid of my glasses and always tries to tear them off my face
  7. she loves gilmore girls but hates felicity
  8. she calls cats, dogs and horses 'cats'
    but when she says it, it sounds more like 'caahhhsss'
  9. she grabs at my boobs and gets upset when i don't have milk for her, even though she stopped breastfeeding months ago and i have never breastfed her
  10. one of her favorite activities is picking up shoes and placing them in various parts of the house
    i've seen her drag one shoe up 3 flights of stairs just to put it in the third floor bathtub
  11. anything to add @natasha ??
  12. Her head smells so good
    Suggested by @natasha
  13. She loves @natasha so much!
    Suggested by @natasha