1. band name: dark clown, debut album: trapped in the rave
    i have no memory of typing this
  2. 'fundling', room with mysterious gloved hands that fondle you
    while i was high on cocaine, i thought i could pitch this idea to MOMA
  3. things i remember from the movie frozen: - one of the sisters was depressed and the other was well adjusted - non sequitur scene of a bunch of men and one little boy shoveling ice cubes - i can't stop crying - scary rocks
    i think i typed this while watching frozen on xanax on a plane. i don't remember anything about the movie now
  4. heyyyyy mira whats going on haiiiii
    i think you wrote this in my phone @bjnovak
  5. reminder to figure out who kendall jenner is
    i never did this
  6. reminder to experiment with dipping fruit in hummus
    do not recommend this
  7. reminder to figure out the difference between xanax and barbiturates
    still haven't figured this one out
  8. he has the personality of someone on heroin, which is worse than actually being on heroin
    this was from a secret conversation @natasha and i were typing about someone at a party