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Hard to choose, I'm only human
  1. "I'm addicted to how we kick it"
    #1 forever if anyone ever says this to me I'll even sign a prenup
  2. "She would be the redrum of my pimpin"
    +10 points for The Shining ref
  3. "I'ma give it to her to the rhythm of a hi-hat"
    Wait, what? Ok Bow les go
  4. "Some of the homies hate cause they want her"
    But they're still homies! Shad Moss keeps his friends
  1. Waterworld
    Isn't this the only movie on TV?? And one question: if there's no land, WHY are they always dirty?
  2. Waterworld
  3. Waterworld
  1. Deep Sea Fish
    Most frightening late at night and alone
  2. People who only eat meat and drink water
    "zero carbers"
  3. Conjoined twins
    I'm sorry
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