these are some things I've come up with during my first month here in Firenze
  1. do you ever take a hot shower that's more than 5 minutes long?
  2. why don't you refrigerate eggs?
    why do Americans refrigerate eggs?
  3. you all smoke and yet have very long lifespans. I'm confused.
    and you start young. I see kids 15-16 hanging out after school smoking with their friends.
  4. how are your stomachs so big, and yet your bodies so small?
  5. do you actually use a bidet?
    or is it just some ancient tool that you think looks fancy in the bathroom?
  6. when you do laundry, do you even have to sort it, because all of your clothes are black?
  7. how do you parallel park so tight?
  8. do you realize how beautiful Florence is?