Wait... what? Do you know that's my nickname for my boyfriend? Also the word I use to describe all cute things?
  1. Reappropreation is very hot these days.
    To take a word that's ugly and kinda insulting and make it mean something sweet and beautiful and cute and cuddly. Best when paired with my favorite made up word, "plunky." As in, "what a good little chunk plunky!"
  2. When in reference to a babies thighs.
    These are the best chunky things.
  3. Chunk from goonies?
    That scene when he says everything and he's like, "I stole my uncle Max's toupee and glued it on my face when I was Moses in my Hebrew School play." I don't like the part about making everyone in the theater puke though.
  4. My daily view of Du Chunk
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    And French thank you notes, that are meant to remind me to be grateful. Does it work? Oui oui.
  5. As the description of how much of a baguette I will eat.
    My mother asked me to bring over a baguette this weekend and when I got there she said, "hmm how weird, a chunk is missing." She was kidding. It wasn't weird. Baguettes are not safe around me. Chunks always go missing.