I can't be the only one out here who is part-time slow brain. AKA don't judge me.
  1. When people talk about politics and I'm confused so I try to reference the Daily Show.
    Help me Jon!
  2. When words have a French pronunciation but I'm American and I didn't know I was supposed to say it like that.
  3. Every time I have to google what haricot verts is cause I always forget.
    It's just green beans dude
  4. When I'm sure I'm doing something correctly and my co-worker catches me and is like, "oh child noooo."
    "But that's how I've always done it" - does not make me look better.
  5. When I'm not sure if it's "then" or "than," so I give up and rewrite the email.
  6. Anytime at the end of a conversation when everyone around me is all, "oh yes, well of course," and I'm like "uhh whaaa? And who now?"