You know, it's just like, what if?
  1. I could still grow a few inches.
    Even though I'm 30 and I've been 5'4" since 8th grade.
  2. Ghosts are watching me.
    I just feel that connection sometimes. No? Just me? Ok.
  3. I'm the Truman Show
    That's a really fucked up one. But sometimes I'm like, "why these strangers act like they know me?" Truman show is the only logical answer.
  4. I'm a prodigy at a thing I haven't yet tried.
    It's like, we don't know yet that I'm the number one greatest at that thing that I'm so crazy good at, because I haven't done it for the first time yet. This one could turn out. I may forever alter the industry, but which one? Exactly.
  5. I have a long lost twin.
    Parent trap style.
  6. Probably minutes away from discovering an untapped secret of nature/inventing that thing we need to save mankind.
    Doesn't it seem like I'm about to unlock something powerful? Some part of my seemingly innocuous daily routine is the thing that cures cancer, ends pollution and solves racism. But what it is? I'll keep you posted.