A preface: I am absolutely terrified of planes, so I take Valium before flying so I am a little out of it to begin with
  1. Flight is almost over. 5 mins until descent, then 20 until we're on the ground. Time to break out my Kit-Kat
  2. I open the Kit-Kat I had been saving. I'm so excited.
  3. SUDDENLY a small piece breaks and flies out of the packaging, landing on the upper thigh (or side ass) of the businessman next to me
  4. I slyly peek at him. He doesn't seem to notice what just happened. He had headphones on and is reading. I don't want to disturb him!
  5. I think to myself...can I just pluck the piece off of his leg without disturbing him?
  6. I decide to go for it. Using the gentlest touch, I lift the tiny bit of kit Kat off his leg
  7. Oh no. He's saying something to me. I pause my headphones.
  8. "I'm sorry, could you repeat that?" I say, worried that he will have be arrested for assault
  9. "Was that a proposition?" The man asks, smiling. Innocent enough, except the WEDDING RING on his finger makes it a little sketch. Keep in mind homeboy is about 45 years old
  10. Me, flustered, "oh no no sorry a piece of my kit Kat landed on your leg so I just picked it off"
  11. He laughs. "No worries...I know how you can make it up to me...let me take you out for drinks after this flight"
  12. I panic. He is handsome but MARRIED and I am 19 and he is by far older than me. Not to mention, I am drugged and don't think mixing with alcohol would be a great idea.
  13. "I'm 17, sorry!" I say quickly. "Oh, no problem!" He says. We sit the rest of the 20 minute descent in silence.
  14. I eat my kit Kat, too distraught to fully enjoy it.