Inspired by @mlh
  1. Mira
    That's my name, so don't wear it out
  2. Mircat
    The choice nickname from a lot of my friends at college
  3. Young Cuke
    Some friends and I like to make farmers market themed raps on garage band and this is my chosen name for when we make it big
  4. Mirajuana
    I don't think this needs an explanation
  5. Migraine
    Pretty new nickname, also my favorite. I get migraines and thus I Am Migraine. This was created after I dubbed my small friend @arianachowfun Tiny (her other nickname is Arianus)
  6. Myra
    Pronounced My-ruh (my name is pronounced me-ruh). Only used by my close friends to bug me
  7. Mara
    See above description
  8. Bitch
    Definitely my most used nickname; used by close friends and strangers! I wonder why