Also for Siobhan
  1. Chez René on Blvd Saint-Germain
    Fantastic rustic French food
  2. Le Marais district
    Old Jewish district. Beautiful streets, cute boutiques, delicious food, and a cool Victor Hugo museum at his old house. Good to go to on Sunday when everyone else is at mass and all the stores here are still open.
  3. Church concerts
    Keep your eyes peeled for flyers announcing concerts in churches. Literally all over, and almost every night. Either free or pretty cheap. Beautiful music in beautiful settings.
  4. Nôtre Dame (esp. late at night)
    Usually a long line to get in (at least during summer), so go earlier in the morning. Line moves pretty quickly. Come back around midnight in hopes of hearing the mysterious organ player.
  5. Didier Ludot
    Vintage clothing store near the Louvre. Exclusively sells designer clothes so everything is expensive as hell, but beautiful. No pictures though--don't make that mistake or the shop owner will yell at you!
  6. The Seine at night
    Take some wine, bread, cheese, and friends (weather permitting of course) starting at around 10 pm.