I'm an amazing person ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  1. I want to be a chef and I realistically think I will be one
  2. I once Skyped with Edward Snowden at an Amnesty International conference
  3. I despise pancakes
  4. I'm bisexual
  5. I think The Devil Wears Prada is literally the best film ever made
  6. My role model is Vito Corleone
  7. Along with two friends (one of which is @arianachowfun), I have made several health related, full length raps on garageband
  8. I want to have 3 sons named Heinrich, Lazarus, and Mengo (all family names)
  9. I am really good at finding anyone's address and phone number online
  10. I hate planes so so much and I have not been on a plane without being medically sedated in like 6 years