1. Gilmore Girls
    I always wanted a mother like Lorelai Gilmore but as the heavens' would have it I got Mrs.Kim instead
  2. Girlfriends
    Most of my dating habits may be rooted in this show
  3. Parenthood
    this show did not have to try hard to make me cry..and made me appreciate Bob Dylan
  4. Being Mary Jane
    she is by no means perfect sometimes annoying but you can relate to alot of her struggles
  5. House of Cards
    I love Mrs. Underwood and after a few days of binge watching it, I walk around with a chip on my shoulder feeling all kind of ways expecting everyone to take whatever crap i give them
  6. Mad Men
    I am not a smoker but there is something about how Joan Holloway smokes that makes me reconsider( for a second) and life sometimes seems like when peggy olson made THAT walk
  7. Game of Thrones
    this one is hard to admit after a failed attempt to watch this in 2012 I decided to give it a second chance this summer and OMG what was wrong with me in 2012?! i mean red wedding😖😖😖 and jon snow 😍😍 p.s winter is coming(sorry couldn't resist)
  8. Jane the Virgin
    because i want Rogelio to be my bestie forever and ever and ever and EVER!