Requested by katrina

Favourite TV shows

  1. β€’
    Gilmore Girls
    I always wanted a mother like Lorelai Gilmore but as the heavens' would have it I got Mrs.Kim instead
  2. β€’
    Most of my dating habits may be rooted in this show
  3. β€’
    this show did not have to try hard to make me cry..and made me appreciate Bob Dylan
  4. β€’
    Being Mary Jane
    she is by no means perfect sometimes annoying but you can relate to alot of her struggles
  5. β€’
    House of Cards
    I love Mrs. Underwood and after a few days of binge watching it, I walk around with a chip on my shoulder feeling all kind of ways expecting everyone to take whatever crap i give them
  6. β€’
    Mad Men
    I am not a smoker but there is something about how Joan Holloway smokes that makes me reconsider( for a second) and life sometimes seems like when peggy olson made THAT walk
  7. β€’
    Game of Thrones
    this one is hard to admit after a failed attempt to watch this in 2012 I decided to give it a second chance this summer and OMG what was wrong with me in 2012?! i mean red weddingπŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜– and jon snow 😍😍 p.s winter is coming(sorry couldn't resist)
  8. β€’
    Jane the Virgin
    because i want Rogelio to be my bestie forever and ever and ever and EVER!