inspired by @Boogie
  1. I Do not take crap
    unless you are paying me (a girl has got to eat/loves to eat).... simply put those cheeky little lies, underhanded comments or straight up BS do not float with me.
  2. I speak my mind-often
    "if you don't have anything nice to say just keep your mouth shut" is lost on me. I have been called sassy, a smart-ass and straight-up. I just hate when people play dumb okay?
  3. I am best approached after a cup of coffee
    I love coffee and coffee loves me in ways no man could ever love me!
  4. When Hunger strikes dig a hole and burry me alive
    i get hungry and angry. I get HANGRY I love food!! -good food i mean.I am extremely picky but when i find something i like,well i devour it.
  5. I am shy
    big groups scare me, i love being alone but i do not want to die alone and I can't get a cat and find my truth as a cat lady because cats scratch.
  6. I am undecisive
    I cannot make a decision but when I do it is final unless the sky is falling i will not change my mind.My yes is a yes and My no is a hell no ( it was hard enough to get to either)
  7. I am stubborn
    no i am not
  8. I am sensitive
    i am a cancer okay? .... not that I believe in that sort of thing
  9. I will not solve your problems
    if you screw up I will not go out of my way to fix it because i have enough of my own-trust me
  10. I love those who I love
    I may not have a big group of friends but the one's I do have are all very different and I love them oh so very much. They are real friends not friends out of convenience.
  11. I am who I am
    and i am okay with that