1. Her sense of humor is kinda like mine
  2. She sings stupid songs all the time
  3. Hates olives and bleu cheese too
  4. Loves comfort more than anything
  5. She's been my best friend for the four best years of my life
  6. The Cackle
  7. Abides by the #AnythingForComedy law
  8. Great taste in things
  9. Dislikes the same people I dislike
  10. She's the Jay-Z/Kanye to my Kanye/Jay-Z
    It really varies on who's who
  11. She just showed me a video of a DILF dancing with his lil kid
  12. She's just as lazy as me when it comes to cooking/adulthood
  13. She stole a bunch of food from Roaring Twenties because she can commit to the bit
  14. The existence of Gwen
  15. That time Gwen threw her phone on the floor out of excitement because Nine in the Afternoon played
    This will truly always make me laugh out loud every time I think about it