5 photos on my phone that I love.

Not necessarily chosen at random, but ones that define my happiness this year.
  1. Visiting my best friend @acpesco in the big NYC.
    We saw Finding Neverland. Great musical adaptation of the story of JM Barrie's creation of Peter Pan. One if my favorite tales.
  2. This donut on his birthday.
    Sitting there unaware of the surprise party I had planned. Bowling then house party. Best day we've had in awhile.
  3. Trip to Disneyland
    Although there were some bumps in the road on this trip, I still had fun with my favorite person in one of the happiest places on Earth.
  4. This lovely lady
    Although we're both super crazy busy, finally got to go out on the town with a great girl.
  5. Insane snow trip
    Braving the drive to & from Cleveland for Valentine's Day to see some great bands was the first real start to the year. It was insane, but we didn't die!