How to make "me" happy again.

I've drifted too far from being happy and content with myself. These are some things I need to do over the next few months to get back on my feet and to be happy being me again.
  1. Clean! 🗑🚮
    I've been meaning to seriously clean for a few months. I don't just mean dusting, mopping, etc. I definitely need to do those things too. But, I need to deep clean my life. I need to get rid of the clutter and things I no longer need, or really even care about.
  2. Read 📕
    I need to think again in a more thought provoking way. I've been stuck in school, work, & relationship hard thinking. I haven't been able to think for myself, and in creative ways in a very long time. I think the last book I read was last summer, maybe even the summer before that.
  3. Exercise! 🔩
    I hate it. I normally really really hate exercising. However, I know it raises endorphins & I liked it for a short period of time at least once in my life. I've also fallen into a state of self repose, and need a revamp to my mood and self-outlook. Time to run and yoga again!
  4. Write. 📃
    Whether it's writing a journal, self thoughts here or there, or actual creative passages. I need to write my thoughts again. I've had this mood tracking app and I think it's just become me complaining about everything. Unless it was a crazy exceptional day, it's meh, or bad. I need to write 3 good things that happened every day. I need to start keeping track of the good, or accomplishments. Not just the bad.
  5. Play! ☕ 🍻 ⚽ 🎮 🎶 🎹
    Whether this is out with friends, playing piano, or video games. This makes me think in a more fun way. I get excited about something I genuinely am thrilled about. I need to be outside again, to have fun! I've cut out fun in my schedule of things i think I have time to do. You can always have fun, i just need to try again, as weird as that sounds.