Inspired by other posts I've seen.
  1. Picking up my phone at the exact second I get a text.
    I'm actually just really impatient. 📲
  2. Getting to the airport WAY too early.
    You know how you're advised to get there 2hrs early? I got to the Gate 2+ hours early by accident. It's an unfortunate gift, but now i have down time to make li.sts I guess. 🛩
  3. Hoarding books I plan to read & never get to.
    I think I have 40+ in my possession I've bought lightly used or new (when I used to work at a bookstore). I've read 0 this year. At least they're still in great condition right? 📚
  4. Planning
    It's all fun and plans, until my planning becomes procrastinating... 📒
  5. Making puns
    Useful for me, useless to the others that hate my awesome dad jokes. 😀
  6. Turning into a bright tomato when embarrassed...
    Or angry, or sad, or drunk, or super super happy. In other words, all the time. 🍅
  7. Playing video games for 10+ hours straight
    Doesn't happen often, but when it does it takes serious skill. My couch is super uncomfortable. 🎮