Reply to @amieshmamie on this: Questions for Californians. Also shoutout to @dreadpiratemama who has her own answer list: Answers from a Californian. Answers are skewed with a Midwestern outlook of someone who lives in Sacramento.
  1. Do you think your state is the best?
    I was born and raised in rural Illinois and have only lived in two states so I don't have a ton of reference but it's best for me at the moment.
  2. What are some stereotypes you've heard about East Coast people?
    I had so many stereotypes about CA when I moved here that weren't even close to being true. That and hearing all of the untrue Midwest stereotypes from people in CA have made me never trust region stereotypes.
  3. Do people call it Cali?
    My friends back home call it Cali, locals do not. Another fun fact, San Francisco is usually called SF or The City, not San Fran. Something I didn't know till I moved.
  4. Can I call it Cali?
    Sure but people will probably guess you're an out of stater.
  5. What's the best part of living there?
    I always say it's the variety. If I hear about some type of workout, food, or new activity I know I can find a place offering it close to me. I know that's true in a lot of places but such a departure from where I'm from I still get excited I get to see and do so much. Plus the weather and amount of wine growing areas. There are five world class wine growing regions less than 2 hours away from me. I also love the diversity, my home town was not diverse in the least.
  6. What is the worst part of living there?
    Ditto @dreadpiratemama about cost of living. I also joke anytime someone here says they are from a small town they mean 20,000 people. My home village had 150. So it's hard to find someone to relate to small town upbringing. Also sometimes it feels there is a blind spot when regarding the rest of the US (the amount of times I've had to tell people here where Illinois is located is astounding).
  7. Does your life at all resemble Zach Morris's life?
    I thought this was going to be what my life was like before I moved here. And then I moved to a place called the Central Valley which is a huge valley of flat farmland that grows the majority of produce in the US. It felt so similar to farm county Illinois except with more variety of crops (almonds, grapes, cherries, etc vs corn and soybeans)
  8. Bonus item. This is the closest my life has ever been to Zach Morris's
    I was in Chicago over the summer and visited Saved by the Max the Saved by the Bell pop up restaurant that looks like the Max restaurant.
  9. Does your life in any way resemble the lives of the original 90210 crew?
    In only that I'm in my 30s but act way younger
  10. Are you at all offended by the SNL sketch The Californians?
    Only that there aren't more of them
  11. What's your favorite movie or tv show set in your state?
    At the moment, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.
  12. Have you ever found a real cheap flight to Hawaii?
    Yes! Especially if you're in the lookout for sales. I flew to Hawaii for less $ than it takes me to usually fly home. Regional Midwest airports are so pricey to fly into!
  13. How many times have you seen the Redwoods?
    A lot! I've been on the redwood highway where you go through a few state and national park droves of redwoods. Smaller groves are also found throughout San Francisco Bay Area.
  14. How about Sequoias?
    Um...see next question
  15. Do you know the difference?
    Not even a little. I totally could have seen sequoias but I would have just thought they were redwoods. Now I'm questioning everything in my life.
  16. What would you say is the overarching feel towards religion?
    I definitely have friends with a wider variety of religious views here than I did in Illinois. Also I have friends in CA who will openly call themselves atheists. That would be more rare to find of my friends in IL.
  17. Did you know that California is bigger than Italy?
    No. I knew it was big though. The fact I can drive 8 hours south and 4 hours north and still be in the state is bananas.
  18. Are there amazing thrift stores out there?
    I would say yes but I'm not a big thrifter. I did once buy a gorgeous vintage wool winter coat in Oakland and it sat in my closet for years because it was never cold enough for me to wear it. When I finally traveled somewhere in CA where it was cold enough, I needed more functional winter apparel (for when I bit it in the snow trying to take ski lessons).
  19. Can I come stay with you?
    Yes!! I love taking visitors around. My Napa trips are legendary!
  20. Ps - thanks to @justjills for tagging in the comments on the original list and let me share my CA love