Podcasts I Subscribe To

Guys I didn't realize how many shows I subscribed to until I started writing them down. I feel this may become a problem.
  1. Dear Sugar
    Another fairly new listen. I'm a huge fan of Cheryl Strayed so think this one will be a good fit.
  2. The Room Where It's Happening: A Hamilton Fan Podcast
    Confession this is my second attempt at a Hamilton specific podcast. This one has what the other lacked: funny people geeking out and humor.
  3. Tara and Johnny
    A podcast with my spirit animals Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir that sometimes talks about skating? Yes please
  4. Writing Excuses
    And staying faithful to the name I am like 7 episodes behind
  5. 2 Dope Queens
    I love love love Phoebe and Jessica
  6. The West Wing Weekly
    Any excuse I have to rewatch The West Wing (for the 100th time or so) and I'm in
  7. Never Not Funny: The Jimmy Pardo Podcast
    One of the trailblazers of podcasting. I'm new to it and have so many inside jokes to try to understand
  8. Gilmore Guys
    My 2015 obsession. Just in time for the revival (side note to the universe: please don't let Gilmore Girls: A Year in the life suck. My heart won't be able to take it).
  9. Hollywood Handbook
    My 2016 obsession. I've been listening to the backlog from the beginning on my nightly walks and cackle out loud way more than one should.
  10. Mystery Show
    Ugh. I just heard that Starlee and Gimlet parted ways so not sure if this one is coming back. At least we'll always have Jake Gyllenhaal's height
  11. Reply All
    The only way I know how to explain who Pepe the Frog is
  12. Slate's Political Gabfest
    The only thing that has kept me sane this election cycle
  13. Happier with Gretchen Rubin
    I'm a Gretchen Rubin fan girl. Even though you kind of know everything that's going to be discussed if you read her books it's worth a listen
  14. The Writers Panel
    Discussion about TV show writers explaining the craft? Yes please. Seriously listen to every episode Jane Espenson is on. She's amazing.
  15. Womp It Up!
    Hearing CBB's Marissa Wompler in her own podcast with Ms Listler is a gosh darn delight. I love Jessica St Clair and Lennon Parham so much. I just wished they had a regular release schedule
  16. SPONTANEANATION with Paul F. Tompkins
    PFT is awesome and I will listen to anything he says all day. However really difficult to follow along to the improv if I'm doing something else. I miss too many details.
  17. Serial
    Cause everyone listened to season 1 right? Really wish that season 2 hadn't been such a let down.
  18. U Talkin' U2 To Me?
    Scott and Scott talking one of my fave bands while going on tangents. Yes!
  19. Doug Loves Movies
    My first podcast obsession and one of only 2 shows I can say I have listened to all episodes. I ❤️ it
  20. WTF with Marc Maron
    Totally contingent on the guest
  21. Comedy Bang Bang: The Podcast
    No show has given me as many hours of joy or millions of catchphrases as this. Plus like 80% of my other podcast subscriptions came from people I heard of on this show. It's simply great.
  22. Analyze Phish
    I do a relistens every year. I miss Harris Wittels with every listen.