1. My favorite holiday candy used to be Necco Sweethearts
    The candy frequented in children's Valentine's Day parties
  2. Some people say they taste like chalk
    Which is kind of true. But I love them, so I guess I love chalk?
  3. A couple of years ago they changed the flavors and textures
    They were softer and sweeter. Cause the perfect time to change a flavor is after 145 years
  4. And I hated the new kind
    Out of rage, disgust, and frustration I threw the bag with the new flavors away.
  5. I wrote a letter to the company
    "Is there a way I can buy packages of the old sweetheart flavors? I will pay a premium" - actual line from my email in 2010 to Necco
  6. The response was basically sorry not sorry
    They had 3 paragraphs marketing the new flavors including the phrase "it's never easy to change".
  7. They said Dollar General had the old flavors
    I went to 3 stores with no luck
  8. The email also included this weird gender stereotype marketing copy
    "If you are looking for something to share with the little girls in your life be sure to check out our Sweerhearts Dazzled Tarts with flavors including: Pink Lemonade, Wild Berry Grape, Sour Apple, Watermelon, Extreme Tangerine, and Blue Raspberry. These new Sweethearts are dazzled and have crowns and shoes on them."
  9. And then today I see this in the store
    Six years and a day from my email response.
  10. So now I'm debating going back to the Sweetheart that broke my heart
    Not a metaphor for my actual love life (I hope)