1. iZombie
  2. Sunsets
    Suck it sunrises
  3. My passport
  4. Ryan Adam's cover album of 1989
  5. Breakfast cocktails
    Not sure if it's cause so many have champagne or if it's the appeal of day drinking, but breakfast cocktails are the greatest. Special shout out to bottomless mimosas which are humanity's greatest gift and curse.
  6. Hamilton the Musical Soundtrack
  7. My library card
  8. That there are 8 coffee shops within a mile of my place
  9. Gilmore Guys podcast
  10. Elton John's Someone Saved My Life Tonight
  11. Old man eyebrows
    Best part of The Hunger Games? Donald Sutherland's eyebrows. (Definition of fleek) BEST OLD MAN EYEBROWS (CELEBRITY EDITION)