We're in our 30s.
  1. Boys
  2. Pimples
    Sometimes we'll even take photos to send for sympathy
  3. Clothes
    Sub list: 1) whether yoga pants can be professional work attire 2) if skirts are too short 3) if skirts are too long 4) scarfs
  4. The Good Wife
    Alicia is our spirit animal
  5. Workouts
    And if we really have to go to them
  6. Jobs
  7. How she ordered something on my Amazon prime account with my credit card instead of hers
    She also once bought a kindle book for herself with my CC that downloaded to my kindle app
  8. Families
  9. That time when...
    Examples include: 1) I twisted my ankle falling down a hill in SF 2) She spilled a drink on the concession stand at the movies 3) We took uber to go to jack in the box