1. I am so sad about you. I don't know if I believe in heaven, but if it exists, I know that's where you are.
  2. I'm sorry your ex-husband gas-lighted you. I'm sorry he was an emotionally abusive piece of shit. I'm sorry you were so sad.
  3. I keep replaying our last phone call in my mind. We talked about him and I heard it in your voice. But I didn't press because I didn't want to overstep. Idk. It was easier to segue the conversation into lighter topics. I should've been there more for you
  4. How are you doing these days? What's it like up there? Is it like BJ's chapter about heaven in One More Thing? Are you living it up? I bet you are
  5. We're ok down here I guess. I moved to Kentucky & it's exactly like you said it would be- these people are really nice. I totally stopped talking to that boy- you were right about him too. What else-I both started and quit smoking cigs over the past few months. Everything else is fine. Bizzy what do you think of your boy?? You think this presidency
    is gonna turn out okay? Paul's in the shadows you know. That handsome devil
  6. A lot's changed on list. This community's completely changed for a lot of reasons, but one is definitely because of your absence. We miss you. Nothing now is ever as good as it once was, but you made this place home to us. Now the lights are out and those of us left here are writing in the shadows, trying to hold onto how we used to feel on here.
    The way you used to make us feel.
  7. I miss you so much. Kate's text letting me know was one of the worst texts I've ever gotten in my life. It's a year later, I'm laying in the same bed I was in when I first heard, and I'm crying just as much. When Erik called me that night I told him I was mad at you
  8. A year later, I'm mad at myself. I should've reached out again. But it's too late, and now I know better I guess. I haven't held a grudge since you died biz. It's just not worth it