1. Hi
    side note: why am I so bad at going on hiatus???
  3. ANYWAY:
    in chronological order
  4. @ Sun In My Belly, Atlanta. my favorite brunch spot because of THESE MOFOS*
    *not mofos, fried green tomatoes with pimento cheese
  5. Static
  6. Static
  7. Static
    An amazing, open-hearted, kind (and brilliant 🐶🐹, maybe 🐮?) person who opened her well-decorated home to me and also ate tacos with me which just means so much honestly
  8. @mallofamanda- you are one of the loveliest people I've ever met and I'm so genuinely glad to know you
    also "I say LI, you say ST!!" is going on my tombstone🎈
  9. WHAT KIND OF STAR POWER??? am i going to break li.st with this??? Worth the risk honestly
    In case you wanted the DISH: @bware427 is beautiful and hilarious. She was already one of my favorite listers but I'm here to confirm that heck yeah she lives up to the hype‼️
  10. Oh? The other two people in that picture?? SRY MOVING ON
  11. fuck Harry Potter World
    Marry Epcot, Kill Magic Kingdom obviously
    but, I've got a sweet vid of Joe doing his list which i'll send to u for $10 or like, peanut m&ms, or also if you just ask nicely
  13. ANGEL. @amieshmamie was the light of the night. So warm, so funny, so wonderful, so delightful- she is everything and my life improved markedly the moment that I met her
  14. @justjills - I'm incredibly sad not to have an individual photo with you because you're the BEST. You made me laugh throughout the night, your list was one of my faves, and this community is lucky to have you
  15. @Nicholas !!!! as u can SEE we hit it off right away and became v close. feel free to be jel! it's understandable!
    All kidding aside, meeting Nicholas was fantastic. Seeing in person the kind of mind that went behind the development of this app was like, oh, duh, I totally get why this is such a great place. I think it's been mentioned before but to reiterate: Nicholas gives the best hugs & I can say with a fair amount of confidence that his hugs > the rest of HQ's hugs (don't come for me Dev) (I'M NOT SORRY)
  16. It's time. I've gotta. Okay. Someone said @joemurphy is a tall drink of water. YEAH HE IS 😏 Water in the sense that he's incredibly cool, great if you can have in your life regularly, and Mary knows his value. I loved meeting the mind behind hits such as "Unpopular Opinions" and he was especially great for bringing.....
  17. MARY. MARY👏🏽MURPHY👏🏽YALL. What a GEM. Hilarious obviously, entertaining, kind, lovely, warm. She makes you want to be around her all the time and the rumors are true, we did almost ya know, get rowdy & have to take it (more) outside a few times but we ended things w/ a metaphorical slap and kiss on the forehead. Honestly, I'm better off for it.
    ALSO she's got me watching The Originals, so there's that life-changing impact
  18. Hey!!! I loved all of you (including the people I didn't get a chance to chat with personally) a lot!! It was a great night and I feel lucky to have been a part of it/this. Thanks for being there! And here!