Hot Takes and Pancakes

  1. Veggie burgers are great
  2. Gifs in lists are usually terrible and it makes me 85% less enthusiastic to consume your media. I wrote this list Unpopular Opinion: I Don't Like Gifs back in February and I stand by it!!! I used a gif as a reaction in a text yesterday and made myself nauseous!! They are not my thing
  3. Direct advertising by pharmaceutical companies to the general public should be illegal
  4. Once Upon a Time is still a great show and has not gone to shit
  5. Changing the world and standing up to the system re: race issues is exhausting and at this stage of my life I just want to blend in
  6. There exists some correlation between guys who are terrible in bed and guys who use the 😜 emoji
  7. It's more important to be nice than to be honest
  8. Hair products/skin creams don't really work and mostly your appearance is a product of your diet, hormones, lifestyle, and genetics
  9. Memes are ruining lives?
  10. In the pursuit of environmental activism we have not been fair to America's coal miners
  11. Oh and omg. Pancakes? Not that good
  12. No bake recipes are garbage. Just bake it god
  13. Being a good writer takes more skill and intellect than any (what I mean is: all) other profession(s)
  14. Clean breaks are a bad way to break up. Prolonged on-off relationships are better break ups in the long term
    Because in an extended break up you get practice on learning how to be without the other person. They teach you how to get over them while still letting you use them as a crutch on days you're not ready to let go. Clean break ups are hard because you wonder years later if you called it quits too soon etc
  15. Letting stuff go is overrated. You should fight about everything that bothers you because otherwise you're just creating distance