How I Knew They Were The One*

*this list is about my best friends
  1. We had mutual meltdowns when Blaine finally realized he was in love with Kurt and kissed him in Original Song during the second season of Glee
  2. She called me angel bean one time and drew and mailed me a sunflower when Biz died. She had delighted me a thousand times before then but that was when I Knew
  3. Megan
    I had a horrible break up in college and she put a blanket around me and watched Gilmore girls with me all weekend. Hours after I was finished crying she told me he was a Dean, but I needed a Max Medina.
  4. She introduced me to her boyfriend at the time as "she's a little weird, but you'll like her"
  5. Dora
    We were in band in high school and she was a sax player and I played French horn. We had a duet in a Frank Ticheli song and had to rehearse together. That was when we discovered we both hated the lower brass section and we became best friends
  6. Conor
    We both memorized the Natalie Portman rap and would shout it out at the top of our lungs doing 80 on our way to SAT tutoring
  7. We had a long conversation once and at the end of it he stated an itemized summary of the topics we'd discussed. I'm pretty sure he was drunk at the time too
  8. Julie
    We connected on the accepted students Facebook page and started texting. I mentioned to her once that my favorite color is green and from then she switched all our conversation hearts to green ones 💚
  9. Remy
    We went to Orlando and got wasted on New Years. I threw up next to the Hulk ride at universal studios the next morning, but she stuck around