1. Static
    i don't know what that hashtag means but I made a short list of what it could be : 1) sweaters are fairly terrific belongings 2) idk
  2. Static
    pretty good caption, 6.5/10
  3. Static
    🙋🏽🙋🏽🙋🏽 touch my butt!!!
  4. Static
    yet here I am
  5. Static
    me!!!! I'm your stoner soul mate!!!!
  6. Static
    t r u l y w i l d
  7. Static
    genuinely an interesting bio, I swiped right
  8. Static
    "no" "thanks"
  9. Static
    this pep talk omfg yes !!! never gonna stop reaching for the stars daddy!
  10. Static
    game recognize game but I'm just out here completely dead inside ☠️
  11. Static
    Swiped right
  12. Static
    hot take sir
  13. Static
    did I mention I tindered in West Virginia???
  14. Static
    okay no in a relationship I'M the one who has a blog and needs attention it can't be both of us buddy
  15. Static
    this bio took me on such a trip omfg
  16. Static
    good night folks 😌