Times This Week When I Medsplained (when I know I shouldn't have sorry)

  1. When my friend said "I don't know why I'm still hormonal, I took an advil"
  2. When I was watching sports and they gave a player pure oxygen in order to raise his oxygen levels and I had to explain nope not really how it works and I was asked to shush
  3. When I was watching The Wedding Planner I think that movie's called? Anyway J-Lo falls and Matthew Mcconaghuey (it's late sorry I don't feel like looking up the spelling) is her doctor and he measures her hemoglobin levels, because she had a fall
  4. When my sister told me she was juicing
  5. When my friend got a piercing in her ear in order to relieve migraines
  6. When my neighbor told me she's been having lower back pains but she bought some crystals to help 🙄
  7. .
  8. Sorry sorry I usually don't get into this kind of thing unless I'm specifically asked but i was in a Mood this week