1. In the middle of sex I noticed my boyfriend's testicles were different sizes that night (they weren't usually) so I made him stop so that I could palpate him and check for lumps
  2. During a very nice moment when some dude and I were looking into each other's eyes he made some comment about how he was really happy and I said, "yeah it shows, your pupils are dilated" and then immediately regretted it
  3. The whole list I wrote (and deleted) —about the time I took Plan B as a virgin
  4. Just this whole exchange after someone in my class kissed me for the first time
  5. The time my boyfriend caught me looking through his medicine cabinet and googling the pills to see what their mechanisms of action were
  6. A lot of my pillow talk in the mornings involves scrolling through and talking about that day's major news headlines while simultaneously expecting my partner to tell me how beautiful I look etc etc in the middle of these discussions
  7. I spend a lot of time talking about chimps and bonobos both before and after sex, just in terms of like. Fun facts