1. The scar that is going to be on my knee once it's healed
  2. Love (always)
  3. Self care (needing to get better At it)
  4. Pompeii
  5. The faded ink drawing on my right arm
  6. Letting go (and what that really means)
  7. Milk and honey Chapstick
  8. Overcoming my past
  9. Feeling far away from the people most important to me
  10. Learning to open my heart & let love in again
  11. Pacman
  12. The horrible haircut I gave myself last week (and how vulnerable my neck feels!)
  13. White wine
  14. Peeling tangerines with someone I love
  15. The red walls in gaylords
  16. Where I'll end up next year (and needing it to be somewhere with good weather bc I'm so heavily effected by it!)
  17. How I never want to drink absinthe again after last Thursday
  18. The new medication I'm taking
  19. The scar on my lower back I got from my uncle (also thinking about the last person to kiss that scar)
  20. Coming into my power and strength and deepening my roots and how much I'm growing every day