Emojis I may never understand

So many emojis, so many questions. If you have answers and/or theories, please...enlighten me.
  1. 🙏
    Are these praying hands, or are these two hands high-fiving? I use it as the former, but I've seen it used as the latter. What is it intended to be though?! Surely it can't be a high five... I mean, you would think the sleeves should be different colors if that's the case, no?
  2. 👯
    I like this emoji and use it, but I still don't get it. Who are these girls and what are they wearing? Are those bows on top of their heads or black bunny ears? Also why is there not a brunette emoji like this? So. Many. Questions.
  3. 🎋🎍
  4. 🌫
  5. 🍠
    Idk what this food item is, but it doesn't look appetizing.
  6. 🍛
    Another food emoji that is confusing and makes me want to feed it under the table to my dog.
  7. 🕴
    Who the hell is this dude? Why is he floating?
  8. 🚃🚋🚝🚄🚅🚈🚞🚆🚊🚉
    Don't even get me started on the redundancy of these transportation emojis. Is this really necessary?
  9. 🎑
    Maybe it's just that my vision is poor, but I have no idea what this is depicting.
  10. 📅📆
    Because one of these clearly illustrates the point better than the other.
  11. 📁📂
    Slightly opened folder, slightly more opened folder. Both completely necessary.
  12. 🖋✒️
    These are two separate pen emojis. Why?
  13. 🎶
    This is really, really far away from the other music-related emojis. I actually didn't even realize this existed until now.
  14. 🚼