Startups of Horror 😈🎃

Horrific startups for undead vampire capitalists and devil investors.
  1. Scarebnb: Rent that haunted house to shock and terrify your boo on a romantic weekend. My host Dr. Acula made sure to recommend the best bars for drinking the locals under the table.
  2. Blood-Spattered Apron: Everything you need to kill at home, by subscription. Optional pairing of clean-up kits.
  3. Amazombies: 2-day delivery for a fresh box of zombies. Brains are a pantry item add-on.
  4. Grinder: On-demand body part grinding. A potential acquisition target for Blood-Spattered Apron.
  5. Bookface: A guy who wears a mask made of really old books. He appears unprompted to bore you to death by talking about new media vs. old media for hours on end. Investors question the business model of this one.
  6. Instagraves: On-demand burial plots and headstones or urns. Great companion for those planning ahead with Blood-Spattered Apron.
  7. Snapcat: Instantly send a rabid cat after those you wish to harm. Not all cats guaranteed to maim your target, retries cost $5.
  8. Ghostmates: on-demand delivery from beyond the grave (via @shinypb on Twitter)