I've been in the Philippines for almost a week...and these are five takeaways.
  1. 5. You'll need a treasure map to find tampons, so bring them. Tampons are a scarce, luxury item only fancy supermarkets carry. Pads (aka: "napkins") win here.
  2. 4. Uber is here. It wasn't here three years ago during my last visit and the signs of growth in the economy are very apparent everywhere you go. So yes - you can 100% uber here (here meaning Manila), but still try the Jeepney and tricycle because they're the best.
  3. 3. ATMs are used for absolutely everything from paying bills to depositing checks.
  4. 2. Everyone is super nice and accommodating. It's the Filipino way.
  5. 1. Talent is as plentiful as the rice. Just needs resources and care for exponential growth.