As a guitarist I once found that there are songs that you can't play and sing simultaneously without some preparations. I play them everyday to up my skill but still it's a very tough challenge. Maybe I just suck at playing/singing, don't know. Here we go.
  1. Robin Thicke - Get Her Back
    A nice choice to start your long path of hands-mouth syncing with. And I don't mean that funky wah guitar, I'm talking about the real thing, you go try it.
  2. James Bay - Let It Go
    Also tough to strum and sing at the same time. Basically because this song is gonna make you cry when you sing it, especially if you just finished making love with your ex.
  3. Any John Mayer's song
    Last week I nailed "Paper Doll", but "Belief" is still undefeatable. Ain't talking about "Neon".