Magickal places to visit in the world ⛥🌍

Special locations in the world that pagans and witches should visit.
  1. Zugarramurdi
    (Town in Northern Spain) • Witch trials held in 17th Century • Home to Basque Witch Museum and Las Cuevas de las Brujas • Summer solstice celebration annually
  2. The Womb Cave
    (Nenkovo village, Bulgaria) • Discovered in 2001 • About 2.5m wide, 22m deep • Womb altar inside the cave • Only a few months of the year does a phallic ray of light manage to reach the altar
  3. Seimei Jinja
    (Kyoto, Japan) • Dedicated to Abe no Seimei, the famous onmyouji (practitioner of Japanese esotericism) • Lots of pentagram imagery, as the pentagram was Seimei's kamon (seal)
  4. Sedlec Ossuary (Bone Church)
    (Kutná Hora, Czech Republic) • Known as 'Kostnice' in Czech • Estimated to contain the bones of up to 40,000 people
  5. Casa do Fauno
    (Sintra, Portugal) • Hostel, pub, pagan shop (Ishtar) and beautiful surrounding grounds ☆ Head into the centre of Sintra to see a beautiful waterfall (often left with offerings), and a statue of Pan
  6. Boscastle
    (Town in Cornwall, UK) • Home to the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic • Various new age/pagan shops in the town
  7. Salem
    (City in Massachusetts, USA) • Site of 1692 witch trials • Home to Salem Witch Museum, Salem Witch Village, The Witch House and Witch History Museum.
  8. The Witch's Heart of King's Lynn
    (King's Lynn, Norfolk, UK) • It is said that the heart of a witch who burned at the stake in King's Lynn burst from her chest and hit the wall
  9. Glastonbury
    (Town in Somerset, UK) • Home of Glastonbury Tor, Glastonbury Abbey (and the Holy Thorn tree) and Chalice Well • Various new age/pagan shops in town
  10. Aphrodite's Birthplace
    (Paphos, Cyprus) • Known as 'Petra tou Romiou' in Greek • Rock stack said to be the birthplace of the Goddess Aphrodite