Iconic Josie "Grossie" Geller Fashion

She's not Josie Grossie anymore! A list highlighting the characters looks from the movie "Never Been Kissed".
  1. Geek Josie
    Josie had a hard first go at high school. Check out that pink on pink! Although, this is geek Josie at her finest-- I don't absolutely hate the cardigan! I mean, the jacquard print alone has to give her some cool points, right?? Okay, maybe not.
  2. Young Josie Prom
    Who could forget this poofy sleeve, pink metallic dress? It's not mentioned where young Josie found this unique piece, but my guess is she found a photo of a dress in a magazine and convinced her mother to make it for her (or maybe she made it herself??)
  3. Journalist Josie
    Josie's interpretation of what a professional adult should wear. A little drab. And she even has her ID bag clipped to her chest, as a true office professional would!
  4. Trendy Josie part 1
    Josie's first attempt at dressing like a hip, trendy high schooler-- straight from a teen magazine! How could it go wrong?? But thankfully, Josie's mishap gave us this head-to-toe white look, pushed over the top with her ostrich feather jacket.
  5. Trendy Josie part 2
    Finally! Josie got trendy, cute 90s fashion right! She kept her lemon/lime tote from before & paired it with an equally bright outfit-- but it totally works this time. Looking good, Josie! 👌🏼
  6. Math-Loving Josie
    Josie loses her newly found sense of style when she falls into her math team gang, The Denominators. The baggy sweater is not a good look on most. But at least she looks happy!
  7. Feminine Josie
    Josie's sweet, soft pink sweater with black lace brings a nice feminine feel to her new young, look. Classic. Love it!
  8. Rebel, Rebel Josie
    Josie gets rock n roll cool with her black, strappy dress worn with these tall, white boots. Don't forget about the pink feather boa either! Infamous.
  9. Post-Party Josie
    Josie didn't have time to throw together a new ensemble, after her crazy night partying-- so she just threw on a hot pink cardigan & hoped no one would notice. (Notice it's the same color pink as that feather boa! Coincidence?)
  10. Rosalind Josie
    Josie's winning "Famous Couples" prom theme led to this Shakespearian number. She channels the heroine in this period dress & exquisite gold, fringe necklace.
  11. Just Kissed Josie
    Finally! Josie gets her kiss! And she does it in this pretty, soft pink chiffon dress-- with a stencil floral print. I think this truly solidifies the fact that pink is Josie's signature color too!