Wardrobe department y'all!
  1. Amy Poehler's shoes
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    You always would write the cast member's name with the sketch title in the shoes they were wearing. The last time these were worn, Amy P's feet were in them!
  2. Dr. Damon
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    An old name tag I found from when Matt Damon hosted in the past!
  3. Jimmy Fallon's Barbershop
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    SNL and Jimmy's show (at the time, he was still doing Late Night) share their wardrobe storage closets! These are outfits Jimmy & friends wear for the Barbershop Quartet segments.
  4. Peacock Carpet
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    The elevators at 30 Rock all have carpet with the NBC logo in repeat. Great for feet selfies like this!
  5. Louis CK Rehearsing
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    The costume office is right by the stage door, but we'd get to watch rehearsals and the show from TVs in our office. Here's a shot a snapped of Louis CK during rehearsals.
  6. Pharrell's Hat
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    The week he was on the show we had a plethora of knock-off hats around for sketches.
  7. Old School Cool
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    Photos of SNL's history covered the walls in the studio
  8. After Party Food
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    The big, finale after party at the end of the season had all the good food!
  9. JT Bumper
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    Fav host Justin Timberlake's signed SNL bumper photo on the wall
  10. St. Vincent @ After Party
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    She kicked off the after party with a cover of "Everybody Wants to Rule the World".