1. Deleted all my social media apps
  2. Wore only sun dresses
  3. Put on a boat load of sun screen (still got burned)
  4. Watched the sunrise everyday
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  5. Watched the sunset everyday
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  6. Took lots of selfies during the sunrise at 5 am
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  7. Watched the sunset from the lobster roll boat cruise
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  8. Drank five tequila sunrises on the lobster roll boat cruise
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  9. Ate lobster rolls
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  10. Sat on the beach for 5 hours each day
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  11. Found the men's corner at the antique store
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  12. Got a bunch of sand in my pants
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  13. Made some chipmunk friends
  14. Listened to a lot of coffeehouse jazz music
  15. Did some face masks
  16. Cried when we left
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