Annoying Things People Do at Cafés

Decided to get out away from my dark, cold home desk and work at a chain coffee house (no name=protecting the innocent). I'm constantly amazed how some people behave in public. Feel free to add your own annoying observations.
  1. Man who removed his shoes when he sat down.
    This is not your living room.
  2. Conference Call Taker
    No one wants to know what you are doing for business and your business probably doesn't want their strategy broadcast to total strangers.
  3. Guy with coffee from competitor
    If you like their coffee so much, use their power plugs, phone chargers and tables/chairs.
  4. Trader Joe's Picnic-er
    Taking up two chairs & spots at the table with your noshy spread of Trader Joe's takeaway is a bit inconsiderate for the guy who just wants to sit down & enjoy his coffee.
  5. The person not using headphones.
    I don't want to hear your YouTube video, music, or whatever else you're listening to.
    Suggested by   @lexie_elyse