Books for National Cat Day (10/29)

This season I'm lucky enough to be working on a pounce of 🐱 books, just in time for National Cat Day, which is this coming Caturday!
  1. I Could Pee on This, Too: And More Poems by More Cats
    The follow-up to the New York Time bestselling book of poetry written by cats (transcribed by comic writer Francesco Marciuliano). A MUST for every person who has looked into a cat's eyes and wondered "what the heck are you thinking?"
  2. Cats on Instagram
    The best posts from the @cats_on_instagram account (7m followers!). So. Many. Cute. 🐱
  3. All Black Cats Are Not Alike
    They aren't, right? Profiles of 50 unique and memorable cats with hand-drawn portraits.
  4. How to Be a Cat
    Cats have it all figured out. They have hoodwinked us into feeding them, placating them with treats and toys and we clean their cat boxes. This sweet illustrated book lauds our felines for their "cattitude."