Just finished up a week working the Chronicle Books booth at Book Expo America/BookCon in Chicago and now sitting on my hotel bed, feet propped up, reflecting.
  1. The Tiny Cat photo blowup was a popular attraction
    From our book, Tiny Cat.
  2. People were/are still excited about books.
    Printed books have been around for over 500 years and people still dig them.
  3. Teen girls rushing the line squealing...over BOOKS, people!
    When they opened the public portion (BookCon) on Saturday I saw dozens of giddy teens rushing in to see gosh knows what...just excited that it was all book-related.
  4. Meeting up with several media folks who cover books and are excited about them.
    Radio, TV, magazines, web. Books & authors provide much content that makes its way into these outlets.
  5. Chicago is awesome
    Already knew it, but what a breath of fresh air to get out of Javitz and the same-old-mindset of "another BEA." Also opened up the event to a new audience of book lovers from the Midwest.
  6. Tote bag success
    Once again, the Chronicle Books tote bag was highly desirable and deemed "the best bag at the show" by many happy customers.
  7. The Gilda tattoo I saw
    Put the blame on Mame, indeed. He also had an Anita Ekberg/Dolce Vita tattoo. My kind of person.