I thought I was a professional weight gainer. But, over the past year I lost 50 lbs. These things helped make it possible. Maybe they'll work for you.
  1. Verbally abusive boyfriend cheats on me, impregnates another woman and dumps me.
    Nothing like betrayal to kick-off a major life change.
  2. The LoseIt! app.
    Simple yet powerful food/calorie/exercise/goal tracker with a social component.
  3. Tacos!
    Taqueria-style simple, delicious tacos. Easy to keep track of what you eat when it's simply made.
  4. An affordable gym with a pool.
    I searched for quite a while to find one I could afford. My ex belittled me: "Don't waste your money: you'll never go." So when I got the guts to do it, the low cost made me less worried that he may be right. [He wasn't...about many things]
  5. Swimming.
    I always liked swimming, but now I know how meditative it can be to pass through water. I started with simple strokes: modified breast stroke & sidestroke, mostly underwater. Not splashy. Low impact. And when I emerge, I'm not sweaty or tomato-faced, but mentally aligned.
  6. Gaiam's Thirsty Yoga Mat Towel.
    When you are a size 22, the last thing you want to do is try to stretch an undersized towel around you at the pool. Reminded me of those Fantasia hippos in tutus. This towel is lightweight, absorbent, dries quickly, and covered my ample, yet shrinking butt.
  7. Eat the same things.
    A friend told me, "Monotony will be your friend. Find foods you like and stick to them." Everyday I have the same breakfast, snacks and lunch. I don't have to think of it and I look forward to it. And the panic of realizing I'm hungry and have no food, causing me to eat junk...well, that's gone.
  8. Cook a large dinner, then immediately divide it into measured portions and put it in the fridge.
    This gives me microwaveable dinners for the next 2-3 days. Stops me from going back for seconds. And eliminates the bad choices that go with not planning.
  9. Wear a pedometer.
    I'm an office worker. Tied to my desk. So I set a modest goal: 5,000 steps. I'm not type-a about it, but checking it helps me keep in mind that I need to be more active. I have a basic Fitbit and use the Moves app on my iPhone.
  10. Do nice things for yourself.
    Get a mani/pedi. Try those expensive eyelash extensions that the barista at Starbucks will compliment you about. Treat yourself to a good book, a weekend away, new shoes. Celebrate each clothing size loss not with food, but a new sexier, tighter skirt. You're already hot...just getting hotter.
  11. Get a full physical & blood work from your doctor.
    I did this when I started and was pleased to see that while I was overweight I was in good health. After losing 50 lbs, I went back and *everything had improved*. That helps sustain me through the periods of no weight loss. I'm healthier inside and out.
  12. Be accountable.
    I often break promises to myself. Low self-esteem makes it easy. But I take my promises to others to heart. I decided to "check-in" to the gym whenever I went. Facebook friends could see it. Might have been annoying when I was doing it 4x a week. But if I slacked off, everyone would notice. It made me a bit more accountable.
  13. Surround yourself with positive people.
    It's amazing how a toxic person can pollute your mind and convince you that you are unworthy...of everything. But positive people boost your spirit, buoy your resolve. One well-timed compliment or word of encouragement can make the difference. Moreover, be that positive person for someone else.
  14. Have sex with someone who likes you for who you are.
    Put some pep in your step.
  15. Make modest goals.
    The feeling you get from achieving them is big.
  16. Put on workout clothes as soon as you get home/wake up.
    On weeknights after work when I plan to workout I immediately put on my workout clothes when I get in the door. Then I make dinner, open mail etc. I'm less likely to flake if I am already wearing my gear. Same goes for the weekend--as soon as I wake up.
  17. Realize that both you and your life are plastic.
    Your body can change, your point of view can revise, your living situation can alter without your input. Life can change for the better or the worse at any time. Just know you can affect it. Life is never fixed.