Put some spirit in your gift wrapping for a more personal experience. Some suggestions.
  1. Blueprints
    Use old blueprints as wrapping paper. Make a gift tag out of sandpaper (you can write on the back), and use copper wire as ribbon.
  2. Newspaper
    Use a Wax pencil like a China Marker to draw shapes like Christmas trees, snowmen, cryptic reindeer on it.
  3. Craft Paper
    You can decorate it with China Markers, rubber stamps, paint/stencils, stickers or even write a poem about the person on the paper.
  4. Scarf
    For a fashionable recipient tie a patterned scarf around the present for a reusable gift.
  5. Tissue Paper
    Instead of just being bag filler, you can layer a couple of layers of different colored tissue for an interesting effect. Colored elastic from a sewing shop can make for a unique ribbon.
  6. Bubble Wrap
    Cover your gift in a single layer of tissue paper to obscure it, then wrap in a layer or two of bubble wrap. Finish with a fancy bow.
  7. Pink Bakery Box
    Use the proper twine and it looks like a package of sweets