Us redheads have had a tough time throughout history. We're not witches or soulless beings. There is no reason that "ginger" should be a pejorative. And what the heck is wrong with being a "redheaded step-child?"
  1. Red hair is a unique grouping of traits
    Freckles, red-tone skin and lighter eyes. Adding some visual diversity to the world.
  2. We keep our hair pigmentation longer than any other color.
    Seems to be true...I'm 45 with nary a gray hair.
  3. Our bodies are efficient at making vitamin D.
    Buh-bye rickets and osteomalacia.
  4. Freckle-a-philes
    You know who you are...
  5. We're easier to locate in a crowd.
  6. Red hair really pops in comic books.
  7. We make great wing-men.
    One is either really into redheads or they aren't. Blondes, brunette & the raven haired needn't worry about competition.
  8. It takes two genes to be a redhead.
    So if you want a redhead kid, get with a redhead. If you come up short, it's not the redhead's fault.
  9. We're memorable...
    "You remember her, she's a redhead..."