1. Chocolate croissant with a cappuccino.
    Breakfast of champions!
  2. Lemon and thyme donut and a cappuccino
    Batista at cafe near work comped my second capp, so I felt compelled to buy something. The donut was delish.
  3. Half a chocolate croissant
    It's also the birthday of two other coworkers. They invited me over to join in. I displayed mock self-control with only having half.
  4. A bowl of low-fat, low-calorie tortilla soup.
    My planned lunch. Needed some protein and veggies after all that sugar & carbs.
  5. aaaand it's only 3pm PT
    What else can I eat to celebrate?!?
  6. Beer & stoopwaffles
    4:30pm Coworkers made a themed mini party for me based on my recent trip to Amsterdam.
  7. 8pm. Sriracha chicken sandwich & a beer
  8. ...a few cocktails
  9. A 2am taco 🌮