My Christmas List: to give

I like to give fun, useful and practical gifts that reflect the personality of my friends/family. Here are some I'm giving this year to people *not* on the List app (!).
  1. In-n-Out Socks
    If these drive-thrus were in NYC, New York Magazine would add these socks to the Approval Matrix: Brilliant/Lowbrow.
  2. Punk Rock Girl Print
    By Brigitte Barrager. A fun celebration of girls in the fringes. Suitable for grown punks & punks-in-training.
  3. Monogrammed Flannel PJs
    To keep my sweetie warm & presentable when he goes out to get the paper in the morning.
  4. Mixed Tape Doormat
    You can personalize it! Perfect for the music nerd...of which I know many!
  5. Letters of Note
    I gifted the first volume to *many* people because it has such a variety of letters that it appeals to so many different people: history buffs, literary fans, celebrity watchers, music fans.