Election Day means there will be victors and there will be losers. But voting is just one small, yet significant step in our democracy. If your candidate or measure won, remember that the journey is just beginning and democracy isn't a "set it and forget it" thing.
  1. Don't gloat
    No one likes a smug winner. Realize that your victory was probably hard fought and may have barely won. Other people voted differently than you, have empathy and try to understand their position.
  2. Determine your elected officials
    Find them here: You can find them here: https://www.usa.gov/agencies Don't think your part is done. Officials & laws should be monitored & given feedback. Government autopilot is a dangerous place to be.
  3. Buy some stamps
    Make your opinions known periodically by writing a postcard or letter or making a call.
  4. Join a civic group
    Your candidate or measure is probably imperfect and doesn't completely align with your beliefs/goals. Find a group that is actively pursuing those goals. The day-in, day-out work lays a foundation for what ends up on ballots later.
  5. Keep perspective
    No one person or one measure solves everything, and may not play out as you anticipated. This is one step forward and there is always more work to do.
  6. Have a drink or a treat
    And thank the stars that this election is over, so we can get back to everyday life.