Things I did while I had a cold this week

It seems like everyone at my office has had a cold this month and the roulette wheel landed on my number.
  1. Played hours of The Division video game.
    Nothing like running around Small Pox-infested Manhattan with high-powered arms, shooting bad guys and trying to bring back order to society. And yes, I ended up playing with three middle-schoolers who totally dominated the game.
  2. Cleaned the bathroom
    If I'm already miserable, how much worse can it be do a less-pleasant chore?
  3. Drink lots of coffee
    Maybe not the best thing to do when sick but it made me feel better in bed.
  4. Cleaned the cat box
    A benefit of having no sense of smell.
  5. Laundry
    The easiest chore around. Maximum effect for minimal effort.
  6. Neti. Neti. Neti.
    Gonna wash that virus right outta my nose. Highly recommended.
  7. Streamed Black Mirror
    I'm already laying in a darkened bedroom, so why not?
  8. Homeopathic meds
    Trying to avoid over-drying standard meds. But the effectiveness is dubious.
  9. Watched "Reckless"
    Aidan Quinn was a tortured, rebellious dreamboat.
  10. Played more of The Division
    Why the hell not?