Things I Learned From a Lifetime of Watching Tv Commercials

Actually a list of ridiculous stereotypes, clichés, and just dumb thinking that advertising uses to sell crap.
  1. It's perfectly acceptable to promote drugs for men's erections, but not birth control.
  2. Men are bumbling dopes who live in fear of their wives.
  3. Women are bitchy taskmastering killjoys, ready to steal a man's freedom at every turn.
  4. African-Americans, Hispanics and other racial groups go to fast food establishments patronized only by people of the same race.
  5. Women have orgasms when they eat chocolate.
  6. A glowing quote about a film rarely needs a legible attribution line.
  7. The people that use phone chat lines are sexy models.
  8. Breakfast cereal is one of the most exciting things in a child's life.